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Many people who experience the wonderful benefits of coaching are drawn to learn how to be a coach themselves. If you share the desire to help connect people to their sense of purpose through coaching, you can learn from Brianne and her team. Brianne and her amazing business partner, Belinda Clemmensen, co-founded the Leader Coach Intensive – an ICF certified coach training program.

The Leader Coach Intensive program is like no other. It is built on a set of values with humanness at its core while remaining firmly anchored in practical, real-life application.

LCI will build your coach capability so that you can lead with purpose and passion. You will be able to guide people to find their inner spark and empower them to be the best version of themselves. As a coach, you will be rewarded with the experience of inspiring people to create meaningful changes that lead them to a life of joy. Become the best you can be by helping others become the best they can be – there is nothing quite like it!


Keep up with the evolving workforce through building a coaching culture.


The ultimate coaching program for high-performing leaders that will help you unlock your true potential.


Self-paced online courses perfect for anyone who can’t wait to get started!

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